What is a New Construction Inspection and Why is it Important?

A new construction inspection is when a home inspector comes and checks the home before it has been moved into by anyone to make sure that the builders built the house correctly. 

Getting a new construction inspection is something that a lot of people don’t realize that they should get, because the house is brand new, and is often one that the buyer had built themselves. 

What is a New Construction Inspection? 

A new construction inspection is similar to a normal home inspection, but the inspector looks at how the home was built and takes into account things that the builder should have done while building it. 

Kinds of New Construction Inspections

If you have had your home built from the ground up, there are different steps than if you are just buying a newly built home. 

Ground-Up Builds

There are two different new construction inspection processes that need to be taken for ground-up builds. The first is a pre-drywall inspection, and the second is a final inspection. 

A pre-drywall inspection is only necessary if the home has not been fully built. Only people who are having the home built can get pre-drywall inspections, because they are part of the build process. 


  • A pre-drywall inspection is exactly what it sounds like – the home inspector will look through the house before it has been drywalled, or while the frame is still visible. 
  • This is important because they are able to really look at the components of the home and don’t have the barrier of drywall covering up the systems. 
  • The inspector will make sure that the framing of the house is sturdy and built with proper precautions and regulations. 

They will look at – 

    • Foundation components
    • Plumbing 
    • Flooring 
    • Walls 
    • Roof structure 
    • Windows 
    • Exterior doors 
    • Support beams 
    • Electrical systems

Final Inspection: 

  • A final inspection is needed for homes that are new builds, and is typically the same as a regular home inspection – granted that you have had the previous pre-drywall inspection. 
  • The final inspection will look at everything that has been added to the home, to make sure that the house is functional and will not have connection issues or other problems. 

New Builds That Have Been Bought: 

This is for people who were not apart of the build process, and saw the home for sale – and it has never been lived in, aka a brand new build sold by the builder. 

This is a typical new-construction inspection, which is more intensive than a regular home inspection. 

The home inspector will essentially combine the things that they would look at during a pre-drywall inspection and a final inspection, only they cannot see through the drywall, so they will have to look at the systems using special equipment. 

The inspectors will look at everything that the builder should have done and make sure that it is done properly. 

Why are New Construction Inspections Important? 

Many people assume that something that is new is in perfect condition and will not have any problems, so oftentimes new construction inspections are not considered – or even known about. 

However, if you are purchasing a new build, getting an inspection might be even more important than getting an inspection on an older home. This is because when new homes are built, they are often built as quickly as possible, which leaves room for error. 

In addition, sometimes builders neglect certain aspects and cut corners on the home-building process so that they can save money & finish quickly.

This means that if you buy a new home that hasn’t been built properly – you could be buying a money pit, and no one wants to buy a new home that already has a lot of problems, so you will likely be stuck with pocketing the repair costs or giving up on the house entirely.

Either way, having to make repairs on a brand new home will cost a lot more money than expected, and will likely be an obstacle that is hard to overcome. This is why getting a new construction inspection is important!!!